Enable Reading Mode on your OnePlus 6

Specialists claim that blue spectrums of light are bad for your eyes, especially at night when you’re more likely to be looking at your phone in a dark environment. This also supposedly leads to poor sleep, which then leads to poor health and we are all looking for simple tips to make things better.

LCD screens aren’t known as being too kind on your eyes, but the OnePlus 6 comes with a special Reading Mode that claims to automatically tweak the color temperature for a more comfortable reading.

This might sound like a Night Mode and you are making no mistake by saying that, yet it is more for specific apps – ones you get to choose and have Reading Mode kick in automatically whenever you open them. Even more, I also love using the reading mode when browsing the web, this mode making the articles so easy to read.

To toggle this feature, follow the steps here provided:

How to Enable Reading Mode on your OnePlus 6:

  1. First of all, open the Settings app;
  2. Then, you have to scroll down to the Device sub-menu;
  3. You can finally select Display under the Device section;
  4. Now, select Reading Mode;
  5. Under Activate manually, you can slide the Turn on Reading Mode toggle. Just like that, you’ll notice the color fade out of your display as it shifts to grayscale;
  6. Then, tap the ‘Add apps for Reading Mode’ option from within the Reading Mode settings;
  7. All you must do now is to scroll down the list of apps installed on your device and then select the ones you want reading mode to enabled by default.

This is how you can finally give your eyes a rest with this Reading Mode activated! And don’t forget that you may even choose to add specific apps that can use it automatically. In this way, you’re able to use the regular screen when you want to, but also switch to reading mode in apps where text is the primary media.

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