Discover How Much your Android Phone is Worth

After a rapid grow of Android’s popularity over the past few years, we tend to want the very best and constantly update our phones. This is not enough though and many of us become the owners of new handsets at least once a year, so what about your old device? Aren’t you curious to discover how much your Android phone is worth?

There are indeed plenty of recycling companies eager to pay you for your old gadgets, not to mention all those private buyers who might be interested on what you are selling. The issue is that every such company quotes different prices, so how do you know you’re getting the best possible deal? The answer is not at all complicated: What’s My Phone Worth? app.

As you can see, the What’s My Phone Worth? app isn’t meant for directly selling your old devices, but it’s a great place to start understanding where you are standing. So, as its name states, this app helps you figure out how much your device is worth.

The first time you fire up the app, it detects what kind of device you have and after that, it basically detects phone models and displays two real-time values for Android smartphones: the first one is the highest current trade-in offer from buyback vendors, while the second is the private party sales value – long story short, this is the real number you can expect to get for your phone when you sell it via eBay, or any other private party buyer at your choice.

To avoid any confusions, properly select from four conditions: like new, good, poor, or broken. And depending on the model, you can change the color and the built-in memory for getting the best results. Has the app offered you details about the wrong device? You can also scroll down and choose another phone if the app got it wrong or if you want to check the value of another device.

Even if you cannot actually ell your device directly through the app, there are links to offers from other stores, and if you sign up for a Flipsy account, you can even sell the handset on its marketplace. And even better, What’s My Phone Worth? is completely free, with no ads or offers to disrupt you, so I’ve made my point.

Now, it’s only your job to grab What’s My Phone Worth? from Google Play and install it on your own device.

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