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Enable Call Recording on your Mate 10 Pro

Having the possibility to record phone calls is really useful on Android, especially when you need to take notes and don’t have a pen near you. However, even major mobile manufacturers don’t include such a feature and it’s not like...


Use MagicCall on Android and Have Fun

Do you want to give a try to the app known as MagicCall – Voice Changer, Prank Dial, funny call? Remember to use this app for decent fun-based activities. I am not here to support any sort of creepy pranks...


Fix Problems With Calls on your OnePlus 5

It’s clear that your OnePlus 5 is a worthy replacement for the OnePlus 3 or an alternative to the Galaxy S8, but certain aspects will need attention and intervention from your part. Today I am talking about those of you...


How to Block Calls on Samsung Note 8

One popular issue that owners of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 complain about is receiving calls from strangers. Is this happening to you too? Join the club, yet don’t simply stand there complaining and doing nothing about it. There are a...