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Use Fake GPS location to Spoof Your Location

If you want to tell your Android smartphone and your apps that you’re in a different location than where you’re actually at, you probably already know that this isn’t any longer a simple dream. Quite the opposite, sometimes it is...


How to Solve LG G5 GPS Issues

There is no mystery that LG G5 brings a host of impressive features to the table, but the very same device has reportedly been affected with a variety of bugs and issues in the recent past. This is exactly what I...


How to Solve Pokémon Go GPS Error

Are you also captured by the entire Pokémon Go madness? I hope that you know what your limits are and that you are nothing more than an Android gamer who has some fun. The Pokémon Go game requires an internet...


How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge GPS Problems

The newest Galaxy S7 Edge flagship smartphone from Samsung comes with several great features that no other smartphone can compete with, but don’t you imagine that becoming its owner spares you of all the trouble. Things don’t work this way...


How to Solve Galaxy S7 GPS Errors

The Galaxy S7 is a premium device, but like every other smartphone out there, it is far from perfect. That is why I’ve started to round up some of the common problems faced by Samsung Galaxy S7 users these days,...