Video-calling Support for Android Tablets in the Google Duo App

I once told you that Google’s vision was to make the Duo a standard app for video-calling for the users in the developing countries where internet connectivity is not quite reliable as it is in other countries. I don’t know what you think of that, but I tend to believe that it’s getting closer and closer to achieving its goal, especially thanks all those new features from the latest updates.

Google has recently announced a new update for the Google Duo app. The app has been limited to smartphones, but this time, the update brings a number of new features, including the video-calling support for Android tablets.

You know that Google presents Duo as a simple way to make high-quality video calls between devices, including between Android smartphones and iPhone. Thanks to its design and simple interface, using the app is easy, involving only a tap on a contact’s avatar to make a video or regular voice call, so why not enjoying on tablets too?

And speaking of the support for Android tablets, Google had also previously introduced a dedicated UI for tablets which was released as a server-side update, so we are basically talking about improving the functionality to larger screens in every possible way. This new tablet-centric interface shows the video window almost on the entire screen, with the right side featuring the video call and voice call tabs and the unified contacts search bar, so you will get used to it in no time.

How to get one steps closer to that? Well, a few months ago, select Android tablet users got the new tablet interface, but now all users on Android are getting it. Google says that functionality is available on Android tablets as we are speaking as the update started to roll out to users, so all you have to do is to check for updates regularly.

And since the new feature makes the app an even stronger competitor in this segment, I can only promise to keep an eye on everything related to the Google Duo App.

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