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Remove Bloatware on Essential PH 1

There is a lot to like about the Essential PH 1 device, but its features can take some getting used to. The company offers a huge amount in this phone and you can get lose. Fear not, we’ve done the...


How to Use Flashlight on your Essential PH1

Unless you’re working in law enforcement, chances are that you don’t have a flashlight on hand for those times when you simply find yourself sifting through the dark. Am I right about that? However, I am sure of the fact...


Learn to Transfer Files on Essential PH-1

Are you currently looking for a simple solution for file transfer? Is your wish one of sharing files from your Android phone to your computer even without USB cables? You probably know the fact that you can choose to use...


Solve Emojis Not Showing on Essential PH-1 Error

We’ve got more emojis to enjoy than ever before these days, but are your friends, family members, colleagues, and so on seeing the very symbols you think they’re seeing? There are several different reasons why emojis are not showing and...


Enjoy Essential PH-1 WiFi Printing

Even if you might be new to Android, printing is no longer a secret to you: just click a menu, tap a command and your wish will turn into reality in no time. A while ago printing on Android used...