LG G3 Tips and Tricks: Best Tutorials to use

We know that LG’s smartphones sell pretty well, but the company’s most recent G3 has all the chances to be the most successful one. LG G3 is a smartphone that comes with a full set of abilities; we all have to agree on that.

So, we apparently have a simple and approachable interface, but it actually hides a variety of customization options and functionalities waiting to be discovered.

There are here in order to make you enjoy LG’s flagship the way it comes out of the box with no rooting and custom roms that have to be installed, so that’s your chance to find out more about LG’s most powerful smartphone that we have even seen!

Do you want to screenshot funny posts on Facebook or important emails? Yes, we totally agree with the fact that screenshots are one of the easiest ways to save important things from your screen, so here we have we are to show you how to take a screenshot on the LG G3.

One method is the same for years and years, but you might also like using the new one with QuickMemo. In one case or another, a few buttons or swipes on screen are all you have to do.

Speaking of simple actions, as we have said from the start to all of you who are using a brand new LG G3 or considering purchasing one, customization is not out of the question. You can learn how to customize the on-screen buttons on LG G3 by switching their places or by adding additional ones that provide shortcuts for some major features, you can find out how to turn off Smart Bulletin in case of not needing it or you can use Legacy Menu Button on LG G3 which is not quite visible, but more than useful.

Do you also know that you can use your LG G3 as a TV controller? How many of you are ready to replace their go-to remote for a smartphone? In case of being one, LG takes care of this aspect, not to mention that it even knows how important is not to get disturbed when you are off to sleep – head to our How to Use Quiet Mode on LG G3 topic in order to find out more or that you must keep your device safe – the How to use Knock Code on LG G3 guide has more details. 

And finally, you don’t need us to tell you that a case could be worth the investment when the phone is in your hands. Just as its predecessor, the G2, LG’s new top-of-the-line G3 comes with an amazing windowed case known as QuickCircle. Its functionality is certainly improved in this year’s model, we can assure you of that, but don’t you imagine that this is the only option that you can take in consideration.

In fact, here we have the Best LG G3 Cases currently available on the market, models that gather all the necessary elements to protect your LG G3 from all the harmful factors that you are worried about. And trust us when we are telling you that your device will still look amazing. How couldn’t it look like that? And it also performs great, so be sure that you won’t regret the decision of becoming its owner!

Below you have all of these LG G3 tips listed – we are updating the list so stay close:






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